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Exhibition 2009

  1. Best Paper Award for the Fiscal Year 2010, Dr. Murugappan, Wavelet Based Feature Extraction for Human Emotions from EEG Associated with FCM, International Journal of Biomedical Soft-computing and Human Sciences (BSCHS), BSCHS, Japan, 2009.
  2. Gold Medal and “Best Innovation Award”, Prof. Dr. R Nagarajan, Dr. Hazry Desa, Prabu A/L Balasundaram, Allan Melvin A/L Andrew, Bukhari Ilias, Robot for Visually Impaired (RoVI), Invention and Innovation Exhibition (ENVEX09), 22 March 2009.
  3. Gold Medal, Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman, Zulkarnay zakaria, Computed Tomography Simulation Software, 20th International Invention & Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2009.
  4. Silver Medal, An Intelligent System for Voice Disorders, 37th International Exhibition of Inventions New Techniques and Products, held during April 1st -5th `2009 at Geneva, Switzerland.
  5. Silver Medal, Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman, Sazali Yaacob, Zulkarnay zakaria, Nor Muzakkir Nor Ayob, Ultrasonic Tomography Imaging Instrument, International Exposition of Research and Inventions of Institutions of Higher Learning (PECIPTA) 2009.
  6. Bronze Medal, International Trade Fair, Prof. Dr. R Nagarajan, Prof. Dr. Sazali Yaacob, Bukhari Ilias, Ideas-Inventions Products (IENA 2009), Nuremberg, Germany on 5-8 November 2009 with research title of “A GPS Based Legged Robot for Mapping Areas of Impossible Human Entry.
  7. Gold Medal, Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman, Sazali Yaacob, Nor Muzakkir Nor Ayob, Ultrasonic Tomography Imaging Instrument, Project Leader, Malaysia Technology Exhibition (MTE) 2009.
  8. Gold Medal, Intelligent Brain Interface for a Robot Chair, Pecipta 2009 Exposition held during 7th - 9th October 2009 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  9. Silver Medal, Brain Controlled Rehabilitative Wheelchair for People with Special Needs, ITEX 2009 Exposition held during May 2009 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
To find out more about research on the campus in detail you can visit us in ResearchGate (URL: DepartmentPluginConfig. html?institutionKey=Universiti_ Malaysia_Perlis&departmentKey= School_of_Mechatronic_Engineering)
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