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About the School

School of Mechatronic Engineering was established to meet the growing needs of professionals, particularly in the field of electromechanical, mechanical and biomedical electronics engineering. This demand is clearly stated in the report of the Industrial Master Plan. In line with this aspiration, the curriculum has been designed with a balanced emphasis between theory and practical. Teaching and learning are conducted by various approaches, in which the theoretical knowledge is reinforced with other activities using state of the art equipment. Thus, UniMAP students are greatly benefited in line with the latest technological development.
School of Mechatronic Engineering offers three exciting and challenging study programmes using the up-to-date equipments and teaching and learning approaches. The curriculum of each programme offered at School of Mechatronic Engineering are designed to produce graduate professionals who have the analytical skills and are able to work in all fields of engineering and related industries. Learning environment will be more enjoyable and competitive with the mix of local and international students.
Mechatronic Engineering Programme
The programme is a multi-disciplinary field that is synergistic of electrical, mechanical, electronics, control and computer engineering disciplines which enables its graduates having good analytical and design knowledge of integrated mechatronic systems to cater for the needs in the automation industry.
Mechanical Engineering Programme
The programme emphasizes on the design and synthesis of mechanical components and systems. Mechanical engineers are usually involved in research and development, design and manufacturing, engine and thermal energy systems and also machinery. Mechanical engineering graduates are highly flexible and could work in almost every industrial engineering sector.
Biomedical Electronic Engineering Programme
The programme combines knowledge of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering, as well as medical science such as anatomy, physiology and radiology. Combination of the knowledge in these areas enables engineers to cater for the needs in the biomedical industry.
To find out more about research on the campus in detail you can visit us in ResearchGate (URL: DepartmentPluginConfig. html?institutionKey=Universiti_ Malaysia_Perlis&departmentKey= School_of_Mechatronic_Engineering)
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School of Mechatronic Engineering
Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)
Kampus Pauh Putra
02600 Arau, Perlis
Tel: +604-988 5166 , Fax: +604-988 5167

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